Facebook is working on the Facial Recognition Feature


Facebook is working on a facial recognition feature as was revealed by Jane Manchung Wong a technology blogger and app researcher who unlocks new features before they launch.

“Face recognition is used to analyze the photos and videos we think you’re in on Facebook, such as your profile picture and photos and videos that you’ve been tagged in, to make a unique number for you, called a template,” said Facebook.

To be able to use the facial recognition feature you have to take a “video selfie” where you look in different directions to give Facebook a more complete view of your face, this helps Facebook confirm your identity and check you’re a real person.

Facebook is trying to improve its verification by ID process so that its social network more secure to everyone around the world but it remains to be seen if people will feel comfortable sharing this sort of personal data with the company

Facebook vows that “no one else” will see the video and that it’ll delete the clip after 30 days

This test is one of the steps that is used to determine that a real person is operating an account rather than a bot. It does not use facial recognition. Instead, it detects motion and whether a face is in the video.

The facial recognition feature is something that is considered to be a blessing to the digital era as it is promoting truthfulness to the societies. A lot of people have become victims of social media because some accounts are bot pausing as humans to deceive you.

The face recognition setting has replaced the tag suggestion setting, this is good news to the people who were always annoyed by being tagged on photos and videos they were not available.

When you turn this setting on, Facebook will use your face recognition template in the following types of ways:

  • Find photos and videos you’re in so they can help you review or share content, suggest tags, and provide more relevant content and featured recommendations.
  • Facebook may let you know when you appear in photos or videos but haven’t been tagged. You can review these photos in Photo Review.
  • When you add a photo, Facebook may suggest that you tag people in photos.
  • If they think that you’re in a photo or video that your friend has added, they may suggest that your friend tag you. If you’d like to review photos and videos you’re tagged in before they appear on your timeline, you can turn on Timeline Review.
  • Help protect you and others from impersonation and identity misuse, and improve platform reliability.
  • Facebook may be able to detect if you appear in someone else’s profile picture and send you a notification. If you review the profile picture and think someone is impersonating you, you can report that profile.
  • Provide accessibility features by telling people with visual impairments who’s in a photo or video.
  • Face recognition is only available to people who are over 18. People under 18 won’t have the face recognition setting.



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