Whatsapp Business Now Lets Business Owners To Show off their products


Facebook-owned WhatsApp is taking the next steps towards monetization with a new feature that will enable businesses on the platform to better showcase their products via the WhatsApp Business app.

The Catalogue feature will help small businesses to sell their products on social platforms without the need for a website and the feature will allow customers to get information on the products without messaging the sellers.


The new feature will significantly improve users’ experience and increase sales for online traders. Previously, a business owner would have to source the pictures from their gallery every time a customer requested information on a product.

Alternatively, a business would refer a prospect to an Instagram page or a website. As a result, a prospective buyer would spend significant time bouncing between different pages or downloading multiple images before making a purchase.

With the growth of mobile money, more shoppers are using digital platforms such as Whatsapp to buy goods and services.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available to businesses in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. The rest of the world will access it in the future.


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