Best Ecocash Alternative Platform to use over the Weekend: OneMoney


Yesterday Ecocash announced that they will be running a system upgrade from Saturday 16th, 9 pm to Sunday 9 pm 17th of November 2019. This means that Ecocash Services will not be available during the upcoming weekend.

The best option for all active mobile money subscribers will be to switch to other service providers which offer similar services. Most Ecocash users have Steward Bank Accounts and it will be easy for them to move their money to their Steward Bank accounts provided that you have Bank Card.


If you don’t have a Steward Bank Account its easy to sign up for a bank account, all whats it’s needed is a copy of your ID and ZW$5. After that, you can now move your money from your wallet to a bank account and you will enjoy transacting over the weekend.

The other best alternative is to sign up with the second-biggest mobile money platform, OneMoney is Zimbabwe’s preferred mobile payments solution service which enables NetOne customers to complete financial transactions from their mobile devices seamlessly.

OneMoney is a mobile payment solution service provided by NetOne to its subscribers. OneMoney provides a service ecosystem that entails the exchange of money between individuals (peer to peer), businesses (business to business), individuals paying businesses (consumer to business), and businesses paying individuals (business to an individual). This service offering provided by OneMoney makes it possible for individuals and businesses to transact in a secure, cashless, and seamless manner.

Benefits of using OneMoney

• OneMoney is Zimbabwe’s only fully-fledged mobile payment solution.
• It is easy and simple to use.
• OneMoney is secure, fast and gives you the convenience to transact any time of the day.
• No monthly maintenance fees

Services available on OneMoney include

• Sending & Receiving Money
• Buying Airtime
• Cash In & Cash Out
• Merchant Services
• Biller Services
• OneMoney Account Services

Here’s how to register for OneMoney?

  • If you are already a NetOne subscriber, visit any OneMoney authorized agent or NetOne shop to complete and sign an application form.
  • If you’re not a NetOne subscriber, you will have to purchase a NetOne line and register at any authorized OneMoney agent.

Documents You need to have in order to register?

  • You should take your handset and your national ID plus a photocopy of your national ID.
  • You need to register in person. No one can register on your behalf and you cannot register on behalf of someone else.
  • When you have registered for OneMoney, you will need to activate your account. Activation is done when you set your pin.


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