WhatsApp’s confirms Dark Mode, disappearing messages features

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Earlier this October it was reported that WhatsApp is working on disappearing messages. As the name suggests, this feature self-destructs messages after a certain interval of time set by the user. The latest update on WhatsApp shows more development on disappearing messages and dark mode as well.

When this feature is turned on for a chat, all messages sent by participants will be removed after a pre-defined interval.


In the most recent Android beta update – update 2.19.348 – WhatsApp has completed additional work on this feature and changed its name to “Delete Messages.”

Once the feature is made available on WhatsApp, users will be able to toggle it on or off for each chat or group via the contact info and group settings menus respectively.

However, only administrators will be able to enable this feature for groups.

The earlier version of this feature only offered the option of deleting messages after either five seconds or one hour.  However, in the latest beta update, WhatsApp has included the following options for the time delay until messages are deleted Off, 1 hour, 1 da, 1 wee, 1 month, and 1 year.

Disappearing or self-destructing messages isn’t new and has been available on messaging apps like Telegram and Signal. WhatsApp is in fact quite late to bring this feature on board.

This WhatsApp update also showed that this feature has been developed for dark mode as well. WhatsApp dark mode is expected to roll out anytime soon with the feature almost ready.


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