WhatsApp Adds A Call Waiting Feature


If you are using WhatsApp on your iOS powered device we have good news for you. The latest update brings WhatsApp on iOS to version 2.19.120.

The call waiting feature, which lets you accept an incoming call when you’re already on the line.


This new feature will place the call on hold until you’ve said a quick goodbye and explained the situation and can get switch calls. Until now, there was no provision to show that you’re about to answer the call, with the only option to ignore an incoming call when you’re already on the line and make a mental note to call them back later on.

Calls taken within the Phone app on iOS have long supported call waiting, so it’s nice to see Facebook nab the feature for its WhatsApp chat app.

If you’ve been using WhatsApp as your primary way to make and receive calls, it’s well worth updating your app to v2.19.120 and avoid any missed calls or misunderstandings when getting receiving multiple calls from friends and loved ones.


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