Gmail Rolls Out A New Email Forwarding Feature


Email forwarding is a common practice, and everyone knows how handy that feature is. But Google wants to take it a few notches higher through a new feature that will let you send emails as attachments in Gmail. Through this feature, days of forwarding multiple emails are gone.

Why so? Forwarding an email is a nifty addition, but when you have to forward multiple emails, it often becomes overwhelming to the recipient because they have to open threads and close them.


Soon instead of forwarding separate emails, Gmail will let you summarize what you want to intend to say then attach a set of supporting emails related to the topic in question. You will be able to attach as many emails as you’d like.

The good part is the recipient will easily open the attached emails which will be .eml file(s) within Gmail without having to download anything. Currently, Google says the feature is rolling out gradually, and it should take about 15 days to be visible. More Gmail users should expect the feature to be available from January.

You’ll know this feature is available to you when you see the “Forward as attachment” option in the three-dot More menu, said the company in a statement.


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