How to Record Calls and Surround Voice on Android Phone?

The need for spying has increased over time, as there is a lot of suspicious or irrelevant activities going on that can harm us, our loved ones, or our business. Spying apps help the user to get real-time information of surrounding and calls. As many children lie to their parents for hiding something from them, so spying apps gives the best parental control to check what’s happening about the surroundings. Employers can empower their employees to perform in keynote meetings or to control activities.

Today, many spy software programs are serving people to record surrounding activities in the best way, TheOneSpy is one of them. Its powerful tool hidden recorder is beneficial for all people’s needs, whether for personal, parental or professional use. With a spy advance feature for an Android phone makes it unique and trustworthy.

How TheOneSpy helps to Record calls and Surrounding on Android Device?

Android spy app allows you to record discreetly Android Phones surroundings voices and listen to it later. TOS ambient feature lets the user set a specific time for recording, and then it will start recording automatically on time. Or whenever a user wants, it will record surrounding on-demand. Then the file uploads on user medium.

Two specific features of TheOneSpy app to record phone calls and surroundings on the Android device.

Spy 360 Live Surrounding Recorder

Spy 360 live surrounding recorder enables the user to listen and record surrounding conversation and sounds. This software has a hidden microphone that empowers the user to control MIC remotely. User can turn it on to record in real-time and can turn it off when they do not need. Connect any time to MIC on a single click. You can start listening to live streaming instantly.

Call Logs

The call tracker enables the user to listen to live phone calls, whether on the number or social sites. Users can listen to live incoming and outgoing calls. Besides that, call logs allow a user to get all calls history with the right timestamp. Users can get calls history alongside number and location. It also provides a data analysis report of all phone calls on user demand.

What do you need to get TheOneSpy?

After knowing about TheOneSpy modern and unique remotely surrounding recording features, you may think of how to get it or how does it work? It has a simple procedure to get access to the cell phone spy app. Step-by-step guidance is as follows:

Step 1: Purchase License from the website
Go to the TheOneSpy website. Choose a suitable subscription plan for your Android device. Then click on the buy button and select package according to your suitable features & functions and time. Then you need to fill the information page and after verifying the payment method, they will send you welcome mail and will give you access with license immediately.

Step 2: Get targeted phone and connect it with the Internet
Take targeted devices in which you need to spy, connect it with the internet as it will installed through internet access. Internet speed should be accurate at the time of installation. It needs high speed to get instant installation.

Step 3: Clean up browsing the history
Clean all browsing history from the targeted device, as it may create an error. Or if other online tabs are open, close all of them because it will affect the Internet speed. Also, stop all social apps from mobile.

Step 4: Install Phone spy on a targeted phone
Company expert technicians give a service of installation into your targeted device or you can also install it on your device. Or in case of any problem, you can get help from experts. It will take a 3-minute quick installation process.

Step 5: Login account and start Instant Monitoring
After a successful installation, a user can start instant monitoring. You just need to log in the app account from the device, from where you will monitor activities. After login, it will give you remotely could access to start spying on the targeted device.

Eventually, it turns out that as it becomes the need of people to spy on their loved one’s devices in stealth mode to monitor activities secretly. TheOneSpy fulfills a user’s requirement of surrounding recording with 100% accuracy and reliability. Many people are getting to enjoy it, mostly its parental control is truly helping parents to spy on their kids.