Watch For Free on Netflix


Not all of us want to spend around 15$ a month to such streaming apps, and a typical person wants to watch it for free. We will be letting you know about apps that stream you the same content from Netflix but for free by showing a minimal number of ads.

This Netflix Mod apk 7.38.1 lets you:

Watch for Free: Most of the streaming services charge you based on your subscription, but this version of Netflix MOD APK doesn’t even cost you a single penny. Users can watch their favorite content for free.

Stream in 4K: If you have a QHD+ display on your phone or you want to use this APK on your TV, you can stream content in 4K as well, this improves the picture quality and overall sharpness.0

Watch Movies/Series Online: The main reason for creating this application was to provide users with the same content on Netflix for free so that users can show stream content like Movies, TV Shows, Web Series, and more for entirely free. Users also don’t need a subscription or any login info to use applications.

No-Ads Between Shows: Ads ruin the complete experience on such apps, but on this version of Netflix MOD APK, users will be able to stream content without getting ads in between similar to youtube.

Get the .apk HERE