Social Media Privacy a Priority

  • The Privacy Checkup tool has expanded.
  • Facebook has integrated privacy tips.
  • Set how people can find you on Facebook.

Quite often we receive anonymous emails, texts or calls and wonder where the person got our contact details. Well, many people ain’t aware of the social media guidelines on different platforms. In this modern era of Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc, social media users usually post, read posts, chat without bothering to secure their privacy especially on contact details. Today as we look at Facebook, although it has been overtaken by the likes of Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook remains one of the most used social media platforms since it’s inception.

When creating a Facebook account, one is asked to provide personal details like date of birth, email address, phone numbers, etc and as such many have fallen Cyber victims. The content we post on our timelines can actually insinuate cyber attacks.

It is therefore very important to update and go through your privacy settings on Facebook and decide who can see your personal details as well as your posts on your timeline.

Facebook has updated Privacy Checkup to guide users through important privacy settings on their accounts. The revamped Privacy Checkup tool has expanded to four distinct topics to help Facebook users strengthen the security and control of their accounts who can see what they share and how their information is used.

Due to an increase in cyber attacks, Facebook has integrated privacy tips to help users to make the right privacy decisions considering the fact that privacy is personal.

Facebook users can now choose and decide on who can see what they share. This option will help to review who can see profile information, like phone numbers and email addresses, as well as posts.

Another very important upgrade by Facebook is the requirement to set a very strong password, not less than eight letters, and the turning on login alerts. This will then means if anyone ever attempts or login into your account you immediately receive a security breach alert, usually with a confirmation message to confirm if you are aware of the login.

More interestingly one can now actually set how people can find you on Facebook. This updated option will let you review ways in which people can look you up on Facebook and also who can send you friend requests. This means no random people can see your account or can send your request hence minimizing and protecting you from cyber terrorism or attacks.