MUST have Apps for Entrepreneurs

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  • Must-have Entrepreneur Apps focuses on managing time, customers, and documents.
  • Pocket mobile App is the best “Save it for later” application for starting entrepreneurs who want to keep track and save all data for future use.
  • Mobile App for entrepreneurs has become an essential tool to oversee the business on an everyday basis. It becomes a big part of playing a personal assistant, supercomputer, or a business assistant.


It is quite a task to organize a business most, especially if you are starting to build yourself up as an entrepreneur. You should manage a lot of things and, among those most important tasks are overseeing your products, managing your customers, document signing, recording calls, and managing payments. Please read though as I will introduce the Top 10 must have entrepreneur apps that you can use.

Must-Have for Entrepreneurs

In order for a business to thrive, good time management is a must. Spending time on a task should be handled effectively. You need to make sure every second is spent productively because bad time management could turn your business into a downward slope. You can download the apps below to help you with your business.

1.   Trello

Handling emails and complicated spreadsheets can be a total mess if you are not good in organizing tasks. Instead of getting lost in managing them, you can use Trello. It is an app that lets you organize the tasks and all works that should be done using a digital bulletin board system. The list can contain specific posts called cards, which can represent anything from jobs to concepts, to goals. Each member can add comments, attachments, lists, and customize the labels while keeping everyone on the exact same page.

You may use Trello on Android, Mac and Windows. There is a complimentary version but you may want to upgrade for you to be able to enjoy more features with an Organization Class or Enterprise account. The app is completely adjustable. Every business is different and you can use Trello depending on your needs. Trello helps in organizing by keeping track of your tasks and group communication into a single environment.

2. Accompany

Accompany is a clever app that prompts you before your meetings by providing you with a summary of the people you will have a meeting with. It provides you with all the essential information regarding a client or person you are to meet. This app is gathering all this information by going through your emails, your social media account, your calendar, and an online search.

3.  Pocket                                                                                         

You can now save all your important documents, videos, articles, for later viewing even when out of internet reach during your free time from your phone, tablet or computer. Buffer web browser plugin can also be used to save data from almost 1,500 mobile apps.

All your saved data is well organized and can be labeled by your preferred name, which makes it easy for you to get the data. Buffer manages your social media marketing by allowing you to set schedules across several social networking platforms. You can schedule content posts at the optimal time for your followers to see.

4. Paypal

You may use personal and premier accounts with PayPal. First, you can open a personal account, then upgrade it to a premier or get Paypal for your business. Every one of these provides different services in addition to being free. Paypal credit cards charge a flat rate of 2.9% plus a $0.30 in each transaction. When you open a Paypal business account, it enables you to receive online payments using mobile.

You first have to confirm your email address. It will reflect on your customer’s bank statement or credit card transaction. Within 1-3 days, you will be able to transfer funds when you link your bank account to PayPal business account. Using PayPal Business debit Mastercard, you may even move money faster.

5. Salesforce1

Salesforce is a mobile platform that integrates marketing, customer service, and sales business analytics. Using the application gives mobility in managing the business and understanding the customers better. You can get the power of Salesforce and its marketing, sales, customer support and company analytics capabilities in one integrated mobile platform.

6. Square

Square is a one-stop to run your business app.  It gives solutions from payments to payroll It can help you streamline the business at any stage. Processing of payments can be done using the mobile phone with a mall reader provided by the square when you sign up. Sales is made easy because it accepts both regular and chip cards. If you have a store you can upgrade to a square stand because the app has great features that can help manage your business.

7. MobileDay

This App enables you to sync with the calendar that gives you access to your meetings or conferences anywhere with a single click. This means never missing a meeting or stressing over being late in any scheduled meeting. Truly, MobileDay is every business professional’s call dialing app preference.

8. Hellosign

Through the Hellosign app, you can sign contracts agreements away from the office. You can also view documents in the app, sign pdf files using your fingertips and email it. Hellosign lets you create your personalized signature once and store it for future use. It saves you time and movement frustrations.

9. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a simple To-Do list and task manager app that is compatible with all your devices. You can share your worklist on projects, set reminders for upcoming deadlines, add images and content to the list. It instantly syncs between your phone, laptop and tablet. It can centralize your conversations and you get to stay on course with your to-do list.

10. Freshbooks

A Freshbooks app is a cloud-based accounting software suitable for small business owners. It syncs all your mobile and desktop apps for you to view your current financials from wherever you are. You can send invoices, check status payments, respond to your client’s feedback and comments within the app. In addition, you can track your time, take photos of receipts and add them to your expenses. It is an easy way to track your cash flow.


We only have 24 hours to hustle with everything that we need to do. When you are a business owner, it makes 24 hours seem shorter. Without proper time management and know-how on working efficiently, it will be very difficult.

Before rushing into hiring new people to work on different tasks, you might want to consider organizing the works by using the above essential apps for your business. Do you know any other apps that can help business owners to organize the works that they are doing? Please share in the comment box below as you leave a comment concerning this post.