Microsoft out phases Windows 7

Image: TheVerge

Microsoft is officially ending its support for Windows 7 Operating System, which has been the dominant name in computer news for the past 11 years although it might at some point provide some security update for something critical as noted by Tom Warren.

Windows is well-known for the shipment of good and bad versions. One of the good versions is Windows 7, and upgrading to Windows 10 by consumers has always been free of charge, which implies that power is given to the consumer and one can upgrade straight from Windows 7 to Windows 10 whilst skipping Windows 8.

Currently, Windows’ future is no-longer easy to predict and define as Microsoft has announced that it will no longer be upgrading to Windows 11, but instead, it will be upgrading Windows 10 to whatever format it will deem necessary on a yearly basis.

A bit earlier it seemed more like imitating Chrome OS in the issuance of updates on a regular and frequent cadence, but as of late things have started to move a bit slow due to creeping in of some bugs. Later this year Windows will be introducing a version of Windows that will be compatible with foldable devices, a Windows 10X series.

In the year 2018 when Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer was interviewed, it was clear that Microsoft wanted its fortunes not to solemnly depend on Windows and Nadella has already achieved that goal. Microsoft has always remained focused on ensuring that it’s software is compatible with and runs smoothly on other platforms as focused as it is on maintaining the platforms that made it a vibrant force to reckon with.


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