Telecel needs to start investing in new technologies

  • Telecel Zimbabwe should invest in New Technologies.
  • Telecoms companies are moving into new products.
  • The red labeled MNO will have to increase its investment in infrastructure.

According to Potraz publication over the past three years, we can clearly see that Telecel Zimbabwe is doing down the drain but for the state-owned MNO to remain competitive and relevant in the next decade it needs to invest in new technologies and revenue streams now.

Business in Zimbabwe hasn’t been flowing well and this has also affected the telecommunications industry, from the previously published Potraz Q3-2019 voice revenues declined while data prices are under pressure.

Data consumption is increasing and consumers expect to pay less for data which puts financial pressure on network operators.

This means that traditional telecommunications revenue from voice and data is shrinking. This, in turn, is prompting operators to look for new revenue streams.

International telecoms companies are moving into new product offerings like cloud and data centres, big data analytics, data monetization, AI, and IoT.

Every mobile operator is also moving into fintech and financial services to diversify their product range and try to make up for lost revenue. Netone’s One Money is gaining market share in the Mobile Money sector whereas Ecocash is still the leader with more than 6,707,225 active mobile money subscribers and well Telecel is staggering with 54,399 active mobile money subscribers.

Telecel will have to increase its investment in infrastructure and the latest technologies to remain competitive and relevant for the next years to come.

The State-Owned Telecoms gave its competitors an advantage in the fibre market by starting late, which means it lost its fixed-broadband dominance.