Astonishing Eyetro Digital stats for Digital Marketers


Are you looking to grow your online marketing reach and put your company in front of Zimbabwe’s biggest ICT audience? Then you should consider Eyetro Digital one of the fastest-growing ICT news websites in Zimbabwe.

Founded in 2018, Eyetro Digital by a small team of journalists and IT Experts in different IT fields. The team includes experts from most aspects of technology from telecommunication, Networking, Software Engineering, Hardware, mobile devices just to mention a few. Eyetro Digital continues to grow its reach every year with a tremendous growth rate. Added to this is the fact that online marketing provides the best return on investment for Zimbabwean companies.


To find out more, let’s dive into some interesting facts about Eyetro Digital. We have learned that the majority of our readers prefer articles of 250 – 300 words and many will only read the first 2300 words of an article before navigating off the page.

This means that if you want to deliver a message, it must be concise and informative. If you do run a longer article, the most important information must be at the beginning.

We have a healthy split between mobile and desktop users. 51% of readers use a smartphone to access our website, while 49% of users are on a desktop or laptop PC.

The high percentage of PC users is thanks to us being the website of choice for IT solutions we bring to them. Over 80k views on each month.

This makes Eyetro Digital the fastest growing ICT news website in the country, serving both business and consumer audiences.


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