Steward Bank Appoints a New Boss


Following months of running without a Chief Executive Officer after the abrupt resignation of the then CEO Mr. Lance Mambondiani, who disappeared under controversial circumstances, Steward Bank has finally appointed Mr. Courage Mashavave as the new CEO.

Mr. Mashavave takes over from Board member Kris Chirairo who has been acting in the position whilst the Bank was still trying to replace the substantive CEO following Mr. Mambondiani’s departure.

Mashavave was formerly employed with TN Holdings who are the former owners of Steward Bank when it was still called TN Bank and he is rumored to be involved in personal businesses with Econet Boss Mr. Strive Masiyiwa.

The new Chief Executive Officer assumes the top position of a bank that has been stagnant for some time since Mr. Mambondiani’s departure and faces a stiff challenge to rejuvenate the bank’s status, which has been very competitive during Mr. Mambondiani’s days in office as witnessed through his introduction of a vibrant Fintech that drew masses of people and the multi-million dollar question now is whether Mr. Mashavave will match his predecessor or even outshine him. Only time will tell but for now, the Bank has confirmed that Mr. Mashavave is the new Boss.


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