FlexFinTx becomes first African company to join Decentralized Identity Foundation to rebuild identity for millions


Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) has been the main goal of FlexFinTx since inception, while building interoperable services that can be used across the world, even in places where FlexFinTx doesn’t operate.

We are happy to announce that we have joined the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), an engineering-driven organization focused on developing the foundational elements necessary to establish an open ecosystem for decentralized identity, to collaborate with other SSI companies working towards this common goal, and to ensure interop between all participants.


Through our FlexID platform, we enable Zimbabweans to get easier and cheaper access to crucial services like banking and insurance, using blockchain-backed verifiable certifications. By working alongside companies like Microsoft, Evernym, uPort, and IBM we want to ensure that interoperable services exist, and the development of the standards set around decentralized identity continues to improve.

As the first registered in Africa company to join DIF, this marks a milestone for us in the company history, and we are very proud of it. Other notable members of DIF include Diwala, which provides digital school transcripts, and despite not being registered in Africa, operating in the continent in Uganda.


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