School Management made easy by Eyetro Digital

Managing any institution comes with a lot of commitment and hard work. Moreso public institutions with public interest can be hectic to manage. Schools, hospitals, banks, etc are some of the institutions with the public interest and one should be fully dedicated to lead such institutions.

The public often wants to know about the performances, fees, events, etc, hence making managing public institutions hectic. The question now is how best can you run such an institution? The answer is simply Eyetro Digital.

Eyetro Digital has come up with a school management software aimed at easing school management. They have already created one for The Phanerous SMART School. The software which brings an amazing experience can be accessed from the school’s website.

Once you open the application, you are welcomed by the school’s name and a background view of the school. When you flip to the next page you will get the notifications page. On this page, you will get Notices, as well as Realtime Alerts.

Onto the next page, there is a Support page. This page is mainly for Class Routine Notices. However, it is the charm of this amazing experience is the management page. All the questions of the public are answered on this page.

On this page, you will find the Attendance, Exams, Teacher, Events, Fees, and Library. So if one wants to know about the fees structure, for example, you will only click on the fees section and all will be presented to you. Easy as you like.

So if you have an institution and you work with the public, Eyetro Digital is your solution. They can develop one for you. You can contact the developers Click Here