Telecel’s time to gain Active Subscribers Is Now

The impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will result in most companies to request that their employees work from home and most people in Zimbabwe are starting to opt for self-quarantine as a way to protect themselves against catching the virus.

Working from home comes with a lot of challenges, however. It is, for example, not always possible for employees to perform their work while away from the office due to a number of factors.

Data and Electricity are a critical enabler for all telecommunications and business and transactional activities. Offices typically have Unlimited Internet Access and diesel generator as a backup power solution, these are less prevalent at homes and apartments.

Remote workers will now have to take responsibility for stable internet connectivity and electricity supply at their homes. This means they have to invest in uninterrupted power supply (UPS) equipment, battery backup systems, or solar power and stable internet connection.

Telecel Zimbabwe has been lucky to get the market’s attention for a while now and the company can take this pandemic to its own advantage by introducing flexible Data and Voice Charges.

Considering that in this isolation period a lot of people will remain glued to their smart devices meaning there will be more hunger for remote communication. Telecel’s rival Econet and Netone have increased their tariffs last week and Telecel has revised its own.

It’s time for the third biggest MNO to move aggressively under this Covid-19 period. According to Potraz’s most quarterly reports, much of data consumed in Zimbabwe is being derived from WhatsApp, as a move to gain more active subscribers, Telecel should introduce a WhatsApp bundle that can make voice and video calls.

The “Tell Someone” company should make Zimbabweans tell someone about their network like introduce an almost free voice call bundle to its internal subscribers say it will be reduced by 90% just like what Econet did when they introduced the buddie zone.

Kenya’s Safaricom has introduced a free transactional service for its Mobile Money Wallets.