Apple released a COVID-19 symptom triage tool within Siri


Apple has quietly rolled out a new update to Siri in the past week, inside of this update is a new questionnaire that Siri will ask people when she is asked: “how do I know if I have coronavirus?“.

Siri’s questionnaire will run the person through a set of questions that will ask if you have any developing symptoms such as a fever or a cough. After those questions are answered, Siri will then advise the person to avoid contact with other people if you appear to be sick or infected in any way.


Siri’s answers use US Public Health and CDC data, and if the answers become too complicated for Siri, she will point the user towards the App Store to download telehealth apps. These apps enable users to be able to contact health officials remotely for more answers. At the time of writing this, Google and Amazon haven’t rolled out similar questionnaires for users, and instead, just refer users to official sources.


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