Covid-19 Upon Us Where’s Agribank’s Internet Banking


3 Covid-19 cases in Zimbabwe have been confirmed now and very soon the Government of Zimbabwe will start calling for total lockdown. The Bank with a vision of being the leading provider of financial services for agriculture development in Zimbabwe.

Agribank’s Internet banking system has been down for more than 5 months. While Speaking to one of the bank tellers he said the system is going under upgrades. it’s always a hard thing to understand because very few know and what is being said or being done.

I thought I was alone but a lot of Agribank Bank customers are complaining about problems of internet banking and other banking transactions. One of the customer l talked to in the banking hall was also complaining that she signed up three times for a cooperate account SMS notifications but she never received any from the bank.

In essence, this shows that either the HR at the bank recruited the wrong IT personnel or either the management hired a consultant who doesn’t know what he/she is doing. Negligence of the rights of the depositors is being manifested by the bank. The clients now suffer because of the delays in upgrading the system.

You can now start to question even the security of the depositors’ funds if a bank is taking 6 to more months upgrading and not coming up with a solution that eases the day to day banking of the clients. Many clients can’t even access their salaries through the bank because the internet banking system is relatively down.

The bank’s management should question the timeframes of such projects. The bank is either taking internet banking for granted or they just don’t care about their clients, if they can prolong the system upgrading to as many weeks as more than 6 months.

In the future, they should notify their clients earlier and reveal the timeframe of the project. This will not cause inconveniences to clients as they will be well prepared. This has affected all sectors of the industry.

Employers are at loggerheads with their employees because they can’t access their salaries, and the companies had commended their workers to open Agribank bank accounts. The relationship between the bank and its clients is complicated. We hope the management of Agribank bank will act quickly to solve the problem that has arisen within their bank as the whole world is suffering from Covid-19.