Ladies Lets Embrace Technology Everyday

Technology is appreciated worldwide in all sectors and society. Healthcare and services are complemented with technology in different ways. Sitting one day trying to figure out how I can get to calculate my menstrual days, I checked on the Internet to find out if there is a way one can do that easily and found this application that helped me to calculate my days. There are a lot of Android and iOS applications that can assist you to know when you on cycle, when you on post period, peek, ovulation.

One has to log in and put a date of when you had last had period, number of days one takes when on cycle. This will assist you to see if you are pregnant or if one is sexually active. These applications assist to calculate how old the pregnancy will be in case one has missed her period.

Let me shade a light to others such apps are not expensive as it does not internet for calculation. Just download the application and install it and start your calculating your cycle. Get to know days and safe days for you to have sex. But for those who have a cycling disorder, the application may not assist you with figuring your dates but yes it will assist you on getting to know your health as it questions you about discharge and the colour of discharge, cycle, whether it’s heavy the cycle or not and whether the discharge is too much, or light.

This does not only end there it will then educate you with possible dangers, risks that can be caused by things like discharge. It also helps with what to expect and also recommend one to see a doctor for further investigation such as hormonal imbalances, yeast infections, candidiasis, cervical cancer.

For Android users l would recommend you to download is the Flo Period tracker. Ovulation & Pregnancy tracker the app is free and its interface is very simple and easy to use. Everything on the app is self-explanatory.

To download the App: Click Here