Warning to all GbWhatsApp 2020 Users

I strongly agree that GBWhatsapp offers the best features that every user who is using the app is enjoying using the modded app which surely help users in a very positive note on a daily basis.

The Question is are modded apps safe?

Modded apps are modified versions of their original Apps. MOD APKs are modified in a sense to provide better features and it also unlocks all the paid features. The term ‘MOD‘ means ‘Modified. APK is the format used for Android applications.

GBWhatsApp comes from a different source other than Google Play Store. So, when you are installing this app, android will always tell you that this app is not safe. Another cause is that it is not an official app of WhatsApp if we all remember well sometime last year everyone who was using modded WhatsApp was banned from using Whatsapp for a maximum of one year.

Did you know that the program codes of the original WhatsApp are tampered within this app, to obtain more features? So this tampering leads to security issues for many persons. Many peoples say that they (GBWhatsApp programmers) put some malicious things into GBWhatsApp. But to be honest, it has not been proven yet. And the final cause bugs. GBWhatsApp has lots of bugs, unlike WhatsApp. WhatsApp has very few bugs, but this modded app has a lot. But then again it has many extra features which sometimes you feel like you need those features so badly.

There’s always a catch somehow with GbWhatsApp, let us face it the app doesn’t even have ads that run on the app. No programmer would develop such a cool app without getting something out of it. Also, if you use any other app for using Whatsapp other than the official app, there is a high chance that your security is compromised.

Whatsapp uses end to end encryption, i.e the sender and receiver can only read the messages because only they have the key that means your privacy and data including your contacts info, personal chats, messages, voice notes, gallery, camera, GPS locations, account pieces of information, call history all are being compromised for 24/7 just for using a single unofficial application.

If you use Gbwhatsapp or WhatsApp plus or any other apps which are not official, these keys can be used by these apps, which they may use to read your messages. So Gbwhatsapp is not safe but is unsafe(it is not necessary that this app may read your chats but there is a high probability of this). I recommend you to only use official apps.