Phishing Attacks Might increase During The Lockdown

Phishing is a cyber-attack that uses disguised email as a weapon. The goal is to trick the email recipient into believing that the message is something they want or need a request from their bank, for instance, or a note from someone in their company and to click a link or download an attachment.

Today being the first day of Zimbabwe’s 21- day lockdown due to Covid-19 virus, some Zimbabweans are now working from home with their own devices which might be using unsecured hardware or be connected to an unsecured network, leaving their systems vulnerable to attack.

Some Zimbabwean companies have provided their employees with laptops to use during the lockdown and some well they didn’t, employees are using their own devices which might be safe especially to those people who work for banks and insurance companies because of the Data nature they work with.

The fact of the matter is that Zimbabwean companies are not well-equipped for a fully remote workforce. One greatest advice that we always share:

“Don’t click on links or open attachments from people you don’t know”.

Make sure that your data is being backed up and your software is updating there will be many companies that can’t back up their data while you are at home. There’s going to be a lot of attacks to be reported under this period. The way we all protecting ourselves from the Covid-19 virus lets it be the same as we do to our devices and networks.

Network and software security is more important than ever when you are working from home, just like we did during the Coup Shutdown we encourage the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). VPN will create a secure tunnel to the office, increasing your security.