NewHealth263 technology fights spread of COVID 19 through social maintaining distancing

COVID 19 has claimed many lives in the world and cause many to fear for their lives. It has affected the economy in different ways today. NewHealth263 system is a web-based system that can help you in terms of claim submission and prevent you from getting infected with coronavirus today. NewHealth263 claims switch is a real-time transaction enabler that does real-time electronic switching of a transaction between healthcare professionals and medical schemes and submits claims electronically in the comfort of your own office or home.

Let’s practice self-quarantine and save a life. NewHealth263 is a technical partner with medical aid societies. This is locally systems developed and owned with Zimbabweans. Together we are offering a Biometric Electronic Claims Switching Platform which uses fingerprints for member verification and claims signing.

The advantages of the system are:

• Claims real time submission & instant response from funders (no need to follow up patients after weeks or months for payments)

• Elimination or reduction of paper claims and associated costs

• Faster claims settlement

• Immediate confirmation of member validity thereby reducing possibility of claims being rejected.

• Eliminating fraudulent use of medical aid cards.

• Claiming for FCA subscribing members for FMH, CELLMED AND BONVIE

• Can be integrated to an existing system currently at use on your practice.

Requirements for connection are:


• Working Computer and internet connection.

• Agreeing to the terms and conditions in the New Health263 Provider Contract.

Please note that the fingerprint reader, initial installation and training will be provided for free and thereafter there will be a flat fee that depends on the number of claims being sent per month. N.B prices are subject to change.