The Rise Of Another Mobile Operating System: KaiOS


KaiOS is a modified version operating system that is a web-based Firefox OS version of Mozilla which was built for touchscreen phones and modified for featured phones with physical keyboards and with low and cheap hardware. KaiOS is not pitching itself as a smartphone operating system but as an operating system for featured phones. Firefox operating system was designed for tablets, smartphones and even televisions with Mozilla.

KaiOS is a derivative of Firefox which was abandoned in 2016 by Mozilla version 48 and then KaiOS picked up open-source of Firefox and developed its own OS and App Store which supports Google. It managed to patch it up over time and tried to move on with technology with gecko and rendering engine which makes Gecko be all over KAIOS. After Mozilla had got a huge update of Quantum, KaiOS became a little island as it was not supporting most of the app and technology. Gecko receives better modern technologies from WebGL, WA, CSS, and JavaScript.


KAIOS was designed with phones with low hardware such as Nokia’s banana phones. KAIOS is an emerging Operating System developed in 2017 and it makes featured phones kind of smart as they have Wi-Fi functions, GPS, 4G capabilities, mobile payment and a lot more. In 2017 KAIOS was picked by Nokia banana, JIO from India. It consists of many apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Google Assistant, and other 3rd part featured apps.

Since KAIOS is browser-based it also use standard technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. They are strict on who they let into the app store as they try to reduce unnecessary usage of the memory. A large group of people in Africa uses featured phones which will is a benefit for KAIOS in the market as many people will enjoy the benefits of using the featured phones at low cost.

Surprisingly Google invested 22million dollars to KAIOS. Mozilla and KAIOS have signed a contract together and Mozilla has ESR (Extended Support Release) patch which is super stable enterprise support by security and is going to be compatible by KAIOS and easy to integrate. KAIOS should be able to take each ESR file like KAIOS 3.0 that will be compatible with ESR 78 and will have full four years improvements like Quantum, Web standards WebGL, PWA. KAIOS 3.0 will be used on Nokia, Verizon in 2021 after the mobile manufacturer has agreed on using KAIOS 3.0 operating system for their products. KAIOS does not block websites by default as what Firefox does.

Benefits of the KAIOS are that it is cost-saving as it does not need touch screen phones which are expensive and the hardware is quite a price.  It is cheap and not costly when it comes to data usage. It relies on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. KAIOS is a perfect place for Google voice assistant. KAIOS turned the open-source of Mozilla into a closed source.

How KAIOS has managed to design a new device category

  • We have three phone categories which are one that sends text and call and the second one which is the one that is a featured phone which supports KAIOS and the third one which is a smartphone and price.
  • Featured phone example Nokia 8810 which supports KAIOS and has Google Maps, YouTube, Google assistant which directs you to the browser. 
  • Downloading apps only takes seconds and booting up also takes a few seconds.
  • Kaios is very cheap and affordable so there is more reason why one needs to use KAIOs. It has the same functions on its AppStore as of the Android and IOS does not really need one to own a smartphone.

KAIOS is going to is catching up on Android and IOS by bridging up the gap between someone who does not have money and one who has money to buy a smartphone by providing the same features on their AppStore on a featured phone that only costs a minimum of $20. KAIOS is super-fast compared to other Operating Systems. KAIOS managed to build their own ecosystems and also their own platforms of the ground compared to Microsoft, blackberry, Samsung.

KAIOS has platform challenges that they are experiencing which are it can only too low processor power because it was built for cheap devices with cheap components, it also had the challenge to convince developers to put their apps into the platform as they had done with blackberry and Samsung. KAIOS is catching up from Android and is going to be very competitive soon. KAIOS started to use cloud infrastructure as the 4G network has now become cheap to developed countries now.

Kaios has advantages of lasting longer but KAIOS needs to come up and starts to be supported on the smartphone for its future It is now on over 100million phones and it changes and updates very quickly. It has user based to support it.



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