Facebook Introduces Messenger Rooms Similar to Zoom


Video chatting apps have exploded in popularity over the past two months as the world tries to sit the COVID-19 pandemic out in the comfort of their homes. These apps provide a much-needed way to see your friends and loved ones’ faces, as well as plenty of exciting new ways to gracefully exit social situations. 

There are way too many options and none of them never seem to the perfect for some reason. There’s always a time limit, room limit, hidden costs, or privacy issues of some kind. Recently Facebook has introduced a new chatting app called Facebook Messenger Rooms.


It’s tough to think of a tech company with a more publicly questionable privacy record than Facebook, but that hasn’t stopped them from hopping on the video chat train. Facebook Messenger Rooms, which launched late last month, is the company’s newest effort. 

On its merits, Messenger Rooms seems like a totally solid service. Like the rest of Facebook, it’s free and accessible. Rooms can hold up to 50 people and you can invite anyone to a call with a URL, even if they don’t have a Facebook account. It’s definitely the most fun app of the three we’re talking about today, letting users play with AR effects to give themselves bunny ears and whatnot.

Facebook has addressed privacy concerns for Messenger Rooms, but they haven’t gone away. There are still some reasons to be wary of the service, as Morse once again explained recently. Rooms can’t be password-protected or encrypted, for example. You may decide it’s worth the risk for fun and convenience, but just know to go in that your data might not be safe.

This is how to create Facebook Messenger Room:

1. Open the Messenger app.

2. Tap the People tab at the bottom right of the screen. 

3. Tap Create a Room, and select the people who you want to join. 

4. To share a room with people who don’t have a Facebook account, you can share the link with them. You can also share the room in your News Feed, Groups and Events. 

You can join a room from your phone or computer no need to download anything, according to Facebook. Facebook plans to add ways to create Rooms from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and Portal as well. Features will include 14 camera filters and changeable backgrounds. 


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