Facebook Dark Mode Finally Goes Global


Facebook’s new User Interface, coupled with the mighty dark theme, is now available worldwide, the company said in a blog post. The redesigned desktop UI was first teased at last year’s Facebook annual F8 conference and has been available to select users from March.

The new interface is a design overhaul from the previous versions and will shape the platform’s outlook for the next decades. The UI gives priority to simplicity, thus streamlining navigation, making it easier to find videos, games, and Groups. You can also create Events, Pages, Groups, and ads on Facebook easily, which is now available at a one-stop “+” button available near your profile at the top right corner.


Consequently, the new UI also brings faster loading times to the home page as well as page transitions, according to the company.

Finally, there is dark mode, which has been a mainstream feature across operating systems in the recent past. Dark mode has already landed on the ubiquitous Windows OS, macOS Catalina, and major mobile Operating systems i.e. Android and iOS.

Dark mode on Facebook for web, just like other platforms, dark mode minimizes screen glare in low light conditions To enable the new theme and UI, go to Facebook’s settings menu, and you’ll be presented with a new “Switch to new Facebook” option. This will immediately enable the new UI on your end.


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