Why Most Zimbabweans Loving the itel P33 Plus Smartphone

Whether you have noticed it or not most of your friend’s photos now come with a tag written “Shot On P33 Pluss itel Dual Camera” this got me to wonder why. For those who are wondering what is itel p33 plus

itel is an entry-level and reliable mobile phone brand made from Hong Kong, and the brand in 2019 was ranked the 17th most admired brand in Africa. itel’s global footprint to over 50 countries (Africa+South Asia+Southeast Asia) with a whole year sales volume reaches 80 Million. 

itel launched its Android Go smartphone of 2019, the itel P33 plus. It boasts of having a 5000mAh battery, a 5.5-inch display, 16GB of internal storage, and 1GB of RAM. It joins the budget competition with other Android Go powered smartphones like the Redmi Go. 

The itel P33 Plus is a big phone at 158.7mm height, 74mm width, and 9.3mm thickness. Upfront, you’ll be greeted by the huge 6-inch display that is flanked by thick bezels–especially at the top and the bottom part of the screen. The bezels are hugely noticeable and may disappoint users who are already used to small- to almost no-bezel devices.  

The front camera, LED flash, and call speaker are housed underneath the top bezel. Meanwhile, while the bezel at the chin is also thick, it doesn’t feature anything, which I think is a waste of space. Still, despite the bezels’ size, the large display is big enough to distract you from it all. 

For mobile photography enthusiasts, you may want to look for a better-spec handset. The itel P33 Plus already sporting a dual rear camera setup, with the main sensor boasting 8MP resolution and the secondary lens aids in producing Depth of Field in the pictures. Despite that, the captured images come out underwhelming. There’s a bit of noise in the photos, even when the lighting conditions are okay. They are sometimes blurry, too. 

The main reason why Zimbos are loving this smartphone is mainly because of its prices, the itel P33 plus pricing ranges from $90 – $150 and also the 5000mAh battery which can last for about 3 days but the only drawback of this smartphone is that it not 4G network compatible, I think that’s why the battery can stay up for long.