Zimbabwean entrepreneurs develop a self-help mobile app

The Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic has led to the development of various responsive measures in order to curb its impact.  

In order to curb the impact of Covid19 Zimbabwean entrepreneurs, Amos Kapishe and Munyaratsi Hoto, have developed a self-help mobile app called TextAid.  The app enables medical and health insurance suppliers to deliver optimal health outcomes for patients with chronic conditions. 

It has a functionality that assists with contact tracing to stop the spread of the virus.   Co-founder of TextAid, Munyaradzi Hoto, said: “Contact tracing is an essential measure to fight the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.” 

Hoto added that the team’s ambition is to eradicate complications from poor health management or delays in people getting treated. 

“The rigorous application of contact tracing measures during this period when only sporadic cases are being observed can reduce further transmission and have a major impact on the spread of the outbreak  

Contact-tracing apps are based on the standard that people’s smartphones can be used to log when two people are in close enough proximity for long enough that there’s a high risk of contagion if one of them is infected by the virus. 

Amos Kapishe, co-founder of TextAid added: “Service providers do not have the data and tools to provide more efficient and effective healthcare and we hope, by combining the use of TextAid, with other measures – including manual contact tracing by humans and frequent handwashing – the hope is that the spread of the disease can be curbed.”  

Meanwhile, continued efforts to prevent the pneumonia-like illness from spreading further are still underway through the implementation of lockdowns by various countries.