Digital divide: A threat to Zimbabwe’s literacy rate during the lockdown

As the lockdown continues the academic state of many youths in the rural and urban areas impends to crumbling with some having to risk their lives going against the social distancing law in need to access the internet wherever they can.

With the E-Learning strategies recently initiated by the government, the development seems to be working for some living in high echelons of society and proves to be too dear for the ordinary struck by the dire conditions amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

E-learning has been considered a reliable and recommendable source of learning but for some, this is far from prevailing.

Albeit some try to surf the internet from the little they can afford. Some and for much concern those writing their final examinations for the academic year 2020 lament on what befalls them

Many, especially in the rural areas, do not have access to mobile phones and laptops and to them, the life of an online tutor sounds alienated.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe stands as one of the countries that has the highest record of literacy rate in Africa.

However, it is now a challenge to the African society’s leaders as to how the digital divide can be controlled post the Coronavirus pandemic so as to maintain the education status