Facebook Launches Voting Information Center for American Elections

Facebook is launching a Voting Information Center for Americans to be registered and vote for the elections to be held this year. It is an advanced technological innovation, effective and efficient way for the people to be registered and vote for their leaders.

This can be a strategic plan for unbiased elections. People can access registration virtually and they can give accurate information, unlike manual registration.

The launch might have also challenged where the information can be hacked, tracked, and also false identification can not be easily controlled unless or otherwise they t have a system which can identify those offenders.

The use of online platforms is most effective for young people and a few figures of the elderly, meanwhile, the launchers should consider all groups of people in order to get factual information.

In a perception way, democracy can be crucial in the sense that, propaganda can always lead, thus when people got threatened or treated in another way they can easily lose their courage. Eventually, this may affect the results which will come out from the observation