Twitter Introduces Voice Notes much like voice clips in WhatsApp


Twitter is making it easier to have your voice heard literally with the addition of voice tweets. This feature, exclusive to iOS. To use the feature, simply tap the Tweet compose button, then tap on the new sound wave button that shows up on the bottom left. You can just tap the ‘Done’ button when you’re done.

Voice clips are limited to 140 seconds. That said, if you exceed the limit, Twitter automatically starts a new voice tweet and creates a new thread. Voice tweets are displayed in your timeline with a large card much like a video tweet, except, you know, there’s no video. The audio doesn’t auto-play; you have to tap on the image to get started.


Twitter says it hopes voice tweets will give users a human touch, noting that sometimes things can be left “unsaid or uninterpreted” with written tweets.

While audio tweets are accessible to users on all platforms, only a small group of iOS users can create them for now. Twitter says it should be available to all iOS users “in the coming weeks,” but there’s no word on when it’ll arrive on other devices.


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