NetOne active subscribers in complain over poor service delivery.


Second largest Network Service Provider, NetOne gained 4.8% market share in line with the growth in internet and data usage on their network while ECONET lost market share by 3.2%, thus according to the results of Market Share of Internet & Data Traffic collected by POTRAZ for 2019 fourth quarter and the first quarter of 2020.

NetOne prepaid customers have reported the issue of poor network connectivity since Friday 19 June 2020.NetOne has provided its prepaid customers with Customers Care contacts, to link with them on social platforms like WhatsApp to get assistance during this time where it is not necessary to travel to their offices. The customers care services is also returning an unpleasant response to the complaints.


Eyetro Digital contacted at least three customers care via WhatsApp to ask what was going on with the Network service which is not operating as usual. Two of the Customers Care, agents, they responded in the same manner,” Our apologies for the inconvenience, kindly provide your mobile number, your location, type of handset that you are using and specify the period that you have been experiencing that challenge”. Then the third one did not respond. The customers care services will be functional from 8 am- 5 pm daily.

Provided with the information they wanted to fix the network problem, unfortunately, they send back the response, “Our apologies for the inconvenience, kindly note that we have escalated your query to our network technicians”. We are still waiting for the response from technicians who are still fixing the issue.

Most of the people are being affected by this issue of poor network connection. People are running their business online which needs a powerful network connection for efficient communication between customers. Some student is also affected in their studies as they are unable to conduct their online studies, especially those who have online examinations. In an interview, one of the Solusi University says that we may be forced to leave the examinations if the network connection remains poor like that because the process to submit our forms needs an effective network connection.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people were advised to make use of online services. NetOne has provided Customers Care agents to help its prepaid customers queries via WhatsApp which is accessible to customers. However, due to poor customers care services, registration of OneMoney which is said to be easier is now taking longer than expected and eventually customers are redirected to visit NetOne offices after providing all the necessary details to be registered online.

Some people are complaining because of data prices saying that NetOne is changing data tariffs without notifying customers. Most of the customers are being shocked as they notice the changes when they are about to top-up data. Prepaid users said that they were expecting notification through SMS that the data tariffs will be increased.

Although NetOne has proved to better in-terms of mobile network connectivity, and reasonable data charges since last year, it still has a lot to copy from ECONET which is the best in term of good customers care to its network users, they notify each event and they give apologies to all customers for any inconveniences


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