Zimbabwhere Rising with Optimism to Dominate the Zimbabwean Digital space


The advent of technology has brought with it an emergence of alternative business advertising platforms in the digital arena. In as much as the competition is stiff well-branded companies are making it in the social space. zimbabwhere.com is a quoting website that advertises different business online. Eyetro-digital Reporter Eustance Mushangwe (E.M) got in touch with Raymond Buchanan (R.B) Co-founder of  zimbabwhere.com on an online interview to find out more on the services the platform offers and how technology has enabled growing their digital market space.

E.M: What is zimbabwhere.com?


R.B:  zimbabwhere.com is an online quoting website offering free local advertising and a free local quoting service to all Zimbabwean businesses and consumers

E.M: When was zimbabwhere.com  developed?

R.B: It was launched very late in 2019.

E.M: What is the inspiration behind zimbabwhere.com platform?

R.B: We noticed Zimbabwean businesses and consumers alike needed an opportunity, facility or platform to best promote and connect. From there the idea of zimbabwhere.com was born.

E.M: What kind of service do you offer and for which group of people or organisations?

R.B: Our website for everyone. We offer a free local (QUOTE ME) quoting service, to all consumers and businesses alike. You fill out a form, send it out to areas you want and those listed businesses can respond directly back. zimbabwhere.com offers Free Local Advertising, to all businesses, whereby a company can advertise, for FREE, their Logo, Motto, Contact Details, A description of what they do, place billboard adverts, link videos and images of their business, list all products and services. This free advertising service also facilitates how many views they get to their business page and a review section which will help their status on our website.

We also supply the free facility of any business looking to hire, can post a free advert on the position available in their business and it is listed for free in our (EMPLOY ME) Employment section.

zimbabwehere.com does offer (paid services) to those companies that wish to broaden their reach outside of their local area, with optional promoted advertising within the site. A business can choose to advertise with a company image on our websites home page with Home Page Advertising.  A business may also promote themselves above the Free Local listings in a Registered or Premium position under their relevant chosen headings or advertise out of their free local area into any chosen area and will be given promoted advertising, listed as an “Out of Towner” for that area.

zimbabwhere.com does offer a specialist paid for service in Promotional Video Advertising, to help boost a company’s presence both online within our site for any of their social marketing preferences.

E.M: Tell us about your competition status.

R.B: We try not to concern ourselves with competition as we aim to focus on the support to our users and advertisers with the best services we can within our functionality as a quoting and advertising website.

E.M: How do you maintain your relevance or stay on top of the current website trends?

R.B: We stay relevant by listening to comments on our site and get on with what needs to be done to make sure that this service supplies an easy and usable service, ready for all to use.

E.M: What do you consider from an organisation when intending to or working on marketing their business?

R.B: We do our utmost to listen to what our clients need, why they need it and then offer our advice on how best to achieve their goals. It’s a collaboration between a company that best knows their products and services and ourselves that hope to bring creativity and fresh thoughts to assist them in achieving those goals.

E.M: What new developments should people look up to from your platform and will they be put down to effect?

R.B: We have a new App due to launch very soon.  We also have big plans and future phases for the site, most of which will be based on the reaction and needs of the users on our site.

E.M: What do you have to say about your future outlook based on the developments you will introduce?

R.B: We hope to be, in effect, a company and service that is the “go to option” through-out Zimbabwe.  We aim for not only the general people of Zimbabwe but International visitors to the country to know that they can get hold of anything and anyone through zimbabwhere.com. We at zimbabwhere.com will keep an eye on the trends of consumers and businesses needs and will mould our service to meet those requirements.


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