Apple in competition with Android for online software


The WWDC 2020 says a lot about Apple online software inline with the new iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, MacOS11 Big Sur. The new software upgrade has advanced features via Siri, iPhone users will now customize the home screen and controlling widget. Control over the car by Ev routing (aims to eliminate range anxiety the fear of running out of charge — by showing charging stations compatible to a user’s electric vehicle along their route). Apple Watch now has an automatic hand wash detection detects the type of soap and count down timer during the hand wash process.

The WWDC also mentioned the app library where users can easily group the applications with the same category in the same place, for example, Twitter, Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp.The use of the iPhone as car keys, the first car to use this technology is the 2021 BMW M5. Siri App is located differently, and occupying small position than the whole screen.


Yael Garten, Director, Siri Data Science & Engineering said that Siri is designed for conversations and it receives 25 billion requests per month. The Apple Siri is advanced that it can respond fast if asked for information. Siri can help to play the morning news, online shopping, set alarms, sending messages in text form and voice messages to mention the few.

Siri is said to help make notifications, send voice messages through speech recognition, also in line with that Siri translation. Language has been made easier for Apple users through Translate App. The application can translate eleven languages, English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italia, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian.

Apart from the fact that Siri is now advanced, sometimes Siri biased. Following a voice assistant research based on the interaction ability, Google Assistant proved to be more effective than Siri. Google Assistant backed with 86% while Apple Siri got 72%, in answering general questions, control within application and device control.

On voice recognition, Siri seems to be unfair in the sense that sometimes it gives the response to the one with a similar voice to its user. And one must link with an iPhone as a car key when the car key gets lost the car owner might lose everything. Hopefully, Siri will be the best voice assistant with this new Siri update.


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