ZINARA digitalizes vehicle licensing systems conveniently for motorists.


The Zimbabwe National Road Administration( ZINARA) has digitalized vehicle licensing system for motorists, now motorists can renew their discs virtually. The administration swaps the system to bring convenience to the motoring public.

ZINARA has partnered several agents to roll-out the online vehicle licensing platform and some of the agents can deliver the discs to motorists at their homes. Some of the agents that had partnered to offer online vehicle licensing services include FBC, Econet Wireless, Champion Insurance and Zimnat among others.


Mr Tendai Mugabe, the ZINARA public relations manager said that the new system aimed to bring convenience to the motorists as well as avoid congesting licensing sites as a way of fighting Covid-19. They believe that to a greater extent this innovation also helps to fight Covid-19 since health experts are discouraging huge public gatherings.

In addition to digitisation, ZINARA introduced the GeneInsure automated self-service vehicle licensing machine, which operates as an automated teller machine. It’s a self-service machine, where one can license their car in supermarkets, Zinara offices and the same machines are also being introduced at tollgates as a way of bringing convenience.

Another advancement by ZINARA that deserves an applaud is the introduction of a pre-paid tolling card which works offline, it can be used once it’s credited with a minimum of $50. The card can be replaced in cases where it gets scratched or becomes malfunctioning, with the exact amount that was in the old one. Mugabe said that the pre-paid tolling card would go a long way in reducing congestion at the tollgates and reduce chances of corruption as handling of hard cash would be minimised at the tollgates.

This technological advancement is a great impact to the motorists, they will no longer be delayed at tollgates even if the network is down and they can not be charged anything for paying toll fees using the card. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many companies to adopt new systems of conducting business off station to minimise human to human interaction. For efficiency, ZINARA should consider having different tollgate lines for different payment methods.


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