Tech Talents to Make Your Company More Productive


There’s one common factor that determines the level of productivity at any company: technology. The application of it is not only about having the latest trends or tools to make tasks easier, but also to have tech talent that can optimize processes.

Every company has its own needs and requirements, therefore building an in house management software to improve operations is something that will exponentially boost productivity.


According to a recent survey made by The Economist, companies that are pioneers in mobile use and have a technological approach in their processes are 7% more productive than those who don’t. With that said, what are the most essential tech talents to make your company more efficient? Let’s find out.

Software Engineering 

In one of Christian Genco’s TEDx talks, he mentioned a story of Reddit user CS-NL, who automated most of his work at a data company through a custom software he developed. 

The Reddit user’s job was to verify data and spot errors or patterns in excel sheets every day. He could spend eight hours a day doing these tasks and so did his coworkers. Now with CS-NL’s software, companies can do the eight-hour task in a matter of seconds. 

The software had a 99% accuracy rate, which is perfect compared with others that average at 90% accuracy. 

You may be thinking that there is no problem to be concerned about this, but CS-NL made a great accomplishment, despite his co-workers not thinking the same way. Most of them were very angry because the software could make employees in one department lose their jobs. 

The point with this story is that software engineering could make a great impact on your company’s productivity levels. There are a ton of tasks that are repetitive and redundant. All of them could be automated through customized software for specific needs. The outcomes would be less time invested in those tasks and a higher accuracy rate.

Data Science 

Data is more important than you may think. Your company’s dataset is full of information that could help you make better decisions, spot issues in your financial history, identify patterns in customer behaviour, and analyze trends.

Companies that don’t rely on data science to optimize their work and make outcomes-driven decision-making processes are at risk of being left behind. This is why this profession is one of the most in-demand tech skills. However it also has a low supply of graduates, so you need to do good research when hiring a data scientist.


When the development and operation teams are divided, there’s a high possibility of chaos that includes undelivered tasks, poor communication, lack of commitment, and negative outcomes. That’s why it’s important to have someone that works as a bridge between both parties. 

This professional is called a DevOps engineer. He or she will ensure communication between the development team and the operations department is seamless and provides good outcomes. A DevOps engineer will also ensure everybody stays on track and meets deadlines and business goals. Having a DevOps engineer will surely boost productivity at your company.

Artificial Intelligence

While machine learning is the discipline behind making machines think similarly to the human brain, artificial intelligence allows computers to emulate how we act.

The concept may sound like science fiction, but imagine what you can do with this to make the best out of your company. An AI engineer is someone who creates machine-learning-driven systems to automate processes. 

AI engineers usually have a combination of software development and data science skills. They’ll be also responsible to automate tasks in the data science department and test and deploy systems.

Blockchain Project Management

Cryptocurrencies are a great alternative for people who do not have access to a regular bank account. These currencies are not centralized in one system, creating a double-edged sword as even though there are lower fees, people may have trouble making a transaction. 

Blockchain is a system designed to provide transparency when making transactions. It also plays a crucial role in cryptocurrency management.

When companies make financial deals, they need to validate and verify that the transactions are properly made to avoid fraud. Blockchain is a system for users to share a single version of records in real-time as data is modified.

To integrate blockchain in your business, you’ll need a bunch of tech experts. Some of the people you need to work with are:

  • Blockchain software engineer. Now that you’ve decided to implement this payment method, you’ll need to proceed to the development process.
  • Blockchain architect. Just like a building has its structure, Blockchain also has a particular infrastructure that needs to be determined by an expert, in this case, the Blockchain architect.
  • Network engineer. This tech professional is crucial for ensuring that communication and data sharing is done efficiently.

This sounds like a great way to automate the validation and verification tasks. But, despite this automation factor, you still need someone to manage the project from beginning to end. 

A project manager may not be a tech professional, but this person is an essential part of the project as well, especially for the initiation part. A project manager is just like a DevOps engineer: he makes sure the communication is effective, clear, and understandable for everybody on the team. The difference between a DevOps and project manager is that they work with a broader number of teams. 

A project manager is also the one that ensures everyone on the team meets deadlines. You should also consider having a legal consultant to make sure all company financial processes do not violate the laws in your country.

In Conclusion

The need for hiring tech talent these days has exponentially increased as tasks continue to be automated.

Technology is not here to replace us but to make our work more efficient. Tech talent is here to make you go through the transition of analogue to efficient, fast, and accurate processes.


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