ZB Bank taking advantage of Social media platforms


Social media platforms have become a moving vehicle for technology. Digitalisation and social media ubiquitously are turning globe to a certain level whereby everyone relies on the internet connection via electronic devices to get the information, knowledge or social life thereby shifting technology from another level to a better one, spreading information through various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp.

Social media is a highway of going to market used by people to educating customers about their products and services. ZB Bank has introduced ZB Internet Banking and recently introduced ZB WhatsApp Banking to its customers. It is a technological way where ZB customers are being taught different things to interact with their Bank on social media which is a powerful information tool. People are enjoying a new lifestyle and put into practice every idea brought to them through social media platforms hence turning the world digitally.


Social media is no longer an alternative media but an element of mainstream media. Without it, mainstream media is disabled. Social media is now the market place, the tool, the communication channel, the conversation-enabler and the way people engage.ZB bank launched its applications for its customers, easily downloadable on Google Play or App Store.ZB Bank has good interactions with the customers, through social media handle, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the latest WhatsApp.

The technology shift has come to the age of infinite media. With infinite media comes unlimited new possibilities of work, engagement, conversation, a new economy and novel trading places.ZB Bank customers are now enjoying buying ZETDC prepaid electricity virtually without going to the offices, transact anytime, anywhere, paying bills, money transfer and balance checking.

Technology has reached all dimensions through various social media platforms. ZB Bank is using WhatsApp platform to reach out to their customers as well as increasing efficiency and productivity to their services.ZB WhatsApp Banking was introduced to help customers registering their accounts, by having a WhatsApp chat with the banking automated system. Life has been made so simple for customers.

Ultimately new skills and jobs are being born in the social media space. Media is no longer limited to the traditional forms that we have always known, but now it’s almost everyone has the power to produce, use and participate in the media space. Infinite Media has no time, geography or other barriers.


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