Internet entrée to spark secluded Kenya zones


KENYA’s isolated areas are set to obtain internet access from Google’s associate firm, Loom.
After two years of the venture underway, the green light for the initiative to take place will provide 4G coverage so that people can make voice and video calls, browse the web, email, text and stream videos.

The balloons’ 4G internet service has been tested with 35,000 customers and will initially cover a region spanning 50,000 sq km (31,000 sq miles). Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the internet ingenuity in Kenya is currently being accelerated to aid advance communications.


Enhanced in the United States are 35 solar-powered balloons that will ultimately be in constant motion in the stratosphere above eastern Africa. These make their way to Kenya utilizing wind currents.

One field test of the service showed download speeds of 18.9Mbps (megabits per second) and upload speeds of 4.7Mbps. The internet-enabled balloons are expected to create internet linkages amongst people in internet inaccessible areas.

“The internet-enabled balloons will be able to offer connectivity to the many Kenyans who live in remote regions that are underserved or unserved, and as such remain disadvantaged,” said Telkom Kenya’s chief executive, Mugo Kibati.

Heretofore balloons from Loon have been used during an earthquake in Peru


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