Microsoft Teams upgraded to improve participation


Microsoft upgraded Microsoft Teams, to cater more participants during the meeting sessions. Teams have a maximum number of 250 participants, now it is improved to hold up to 1000 participants. Participants can now chat, unmute to talk, and turn on their videos for better interaction.

Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, says that meeting organizers will soon be able to bring together up to 20,000 participants. It is a large number by any measure and it seems like the perfect tool for those meetings that involve companies having large meetings like product launches.


As a response to COVID-19 global pandemic, most companies and businesses are engaged in telecommunications, thereby making use of this technological software to help them running business meetings. For the past few months, Microsoft used market research as a feedback mechanism on how customers will use Microsoft Teams and caused the upgrade of this software.

Besides, Microsoft also revealed that there will be three new features that will be coming to Teams. Together Mode will use AI to digitally place participants in a shared background so that it feels like they are in the same room. The dynamic view will give more control over how you see shared content and other participants in a meeting. Video filters which allow participants to adjust lighting levels and soften the focus of the camera to customize their appearance.

Finally, Microsoft is creating an environment where participants can gather and share information virtually online just like Zoom, Microsoft Corporate VP, Spataro says that all of these features will roll out later this year. Particularly ‘together mode’ will roll out next month.


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