BancABC launched A360 mobile application.


BancABC launched A360 mobile application on 10 July 2020 for its clients to continue with their banking activities remotely. The Bank is making technological progress to build a good relationship with clients as well as turn their lives more digitally, whereby the clients manage their banking accounts and do a quite number of transactions using mobile phones.

The BancABC A360 application has more automated features which enable clients to do their transactions within the application. The banking application will allow BancABC clients to manage their accounts and transact from mobile. They can easily open a digital account, using this new application to explore more digital services for the bank, like money transfers via ZIPIT, transferring RTGS to and from their account. The application is so exceptional, it allows the international transfer.


Currently, the banking application is available on Android devices. A360 has another feature, bill pays, clients will easily buy electricity through their mobile phones by simply make payments to ZESA and get their tokens. Paying for TelOne ADSL has been made easier, the application allows customers to pay for their broadband network to continue enjoying their internet services.

School fees payments are also done through this application. Sending money to any mobile number from the account. There is a unique feature on A360 application which enables clients to scan and pay for products thus A360 QR scanner. In addition to these features, the user can buy stocks via C-Trade

Unfortunately, BancABC’s A360 Mobile app can only be downloaded on Android. It is said that it will be coming soon on iOS.However, the client should be warned to protect their privacy whenever they engage on digital platforms to deflect snitches since the application is offering a variety of online payments


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