Facebook plans to launch music video streaming


Facebook is continuously upgrading its standards for users to enjoy using its app. Facebook is planning to launch the music video steaming which is effective for artists and their fans. Users will enjoy entertainment series on Facebook just like on Youtube. Artists will release their music video and Facebook will stream them on the app so that fans or followers will watch full videos.

Currently, the licensing rights prohibit to record label artists from running full-length music videos on the site. Now this innovation of music video streaming grants Facebook permission to add the music videos to their page, where fans can watch them on the page’s Videos tab. The page users will be linked automatically to the Artists without uploading or to follow the link processes first.


In December 2019, Bloomberg reported that the social network company negotiated for music video rights with the 3 largest music companies which are, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. Previously the artists under contract to the major US labels have been prohibited by the licensing rights from sharing full-length videos on Facebook. Probably this drives Facebook to launch the music video streaming for the betterment of entertainment to the users.

Even so, Facebook is reportedly getting ready to launch music video streaming on its platform in the US next month. The attempt would represent a direct challenge to Google’s YouTube, the ruler of online music video viewing because people would pay much attention to Facebook for entertainment, information and educational purposes.


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