[email protected] App can locate where fuel is in Zimbabwe?


Tinosoft Company technically launched the [email protected] App on 21 July 2020, its a unique mobile application, developed to help motorists in Zimbabwe to find fuel garages. Motorists will search and share garage or services stations with fuel, the app will post the location and garage searched if there is fuel.

[email protected] App can be downloaded on Google PlayStore and soon will be available on AppStore, the app is very easy to use, motorists can post as well as sharing the names of the garages with fuel in Zimbabwe. The post will expire at 00:00 hours every day and they will be new [email protected] app shows the length of the queue so that the motorists will not be disappointed or to be delayed. It shows the number of vehicles in the queue as 0-10 cars, 11-25car or it specifies that there is a long queue.


Tinosoft company discovered the fuel shortage in Zimbabwe, they noticed how motorists are struggling to get fuel. [email protected] app came as a solution, people can post the details of the garages, name of the garage and the location where there is fuel. It also provides the fuel payment methods if the garage receives ZWL or US Dollars so that the motorists will be aware of the payment method needed there. They noted that most garages will dry by end of day especially those who accept local currency.

On [email protected] motorists can verify on the app if the fuel is still available at the posted garage since the application can also show if the service station drys out. The [email protected] app is developed for fuel posts only, it came to assist motorists since, people used to form groups on different social media platforms like WhatsApp, and Facebook to ask if anyone has the idea of garages with fuel, they ended up having challenges of business advertisements and jokes posted in the same groups.

Tinosoft has come out with the best solution to getting fuel in Zimbabwe. This app is believed to minimize the long queues at fuel stations. However since everyone is allowed to post the fuel-related information on [email protected], people are likely to post lies. The app will be reliable if only the people who work on garages or services station are allowed to post the information.

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