Microsoft is working on substitution for Control Panel


Microsoft is planning to discontinue the Control Panel which is the part of Windows Operating System(OS) since 1985, replacing it with the Settings App which was already introduced in Windows 8 and Windows 10 to offer a modernised user interface (UI), also optimised touch input.

The Senior Program Manager of the Windows Insider Program, Brandon LeBlanc said that more improvements will be coming which brings Settings App closer to Control Panel. Control Panel offers a set of applets viewing and adjusting various settings, adding or removing hardware and software, configuring display preferences, managing user accounts, and changing network settings.


Microsoft said that it is continuing to work on bringing the capabilities from Control Panel ahead to Settings App. Microsoft started these changes earlier 2020, it moved the About screen, which shows a summary of system information such as the OS version, processor, and RAM, from Control Panel to the modern Settings app. This app is now the default option for changing settings when searching for them through Windows 10’s Start Menu. Users who wish to change system settings will easily do so in the Settings app, as selecting the System and Security option in the Control Panel will automatically redirect to the new app.

Microsoft is using market research as a feedback mechanism on how Windows 8 and Windows 10 users are relying on settings that only existing in Control Panel, thereby using the feedback to modify the Settings App. This implies that Microsoft wants to make sure that all Control Panel settings are available in the Settings app, there will be no reason for duplication of features in the two apps. Microsoft has also been pushing for more coherency across its applications and the Windows OS, making new designs of the Start Menu, File Explorer, and application icons all in the pipeline.

However, the Microsoft might take a long way to do the official launch of the Settings app since some Windows users are still operating within the old versions like Windows 7 which was phased out earlier 2020. Windows 8 users who are still satisfied with the Control Panel should avoid procrastination and always take note of the latest versions.


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