Twitter is struggling to improve its security operations.

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey

Twitter Inc. is struggling to improve its security operations over a long period, to protect its user’s from account hackers and they are having challenges to recover their accounts since some of the criminals are believed to be skilled hackers.

The Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey is to be blamed this matter since 2015, it is said that the CEO was warned several times about the company’s employees and contractors who can reset users accounts and will end up overriding their security settings. The spokeswoman said that they did not know that some of the partners they work with on customer service and account management also played a part, some hackers contacted the customer service team to get access on people’s accounts.


Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. is one of the Twitter’s contractors which is also believed to play a role in failing to protect user’s data. Cognizant did not comment on this matter as it was exposed by the former employees that involved in this issue. In 2017 and 2018 some contractors made a bogus help- desk inquiries which allowed them to get access into celebrities account. Recently on 15 July 2020, Twitter has decided to take measures to protect their users after the hackers targeted the prominent figures.

The FBI team is investigating cybercrime as well as cryptocurrency scam. Patrick Westerhaus, the former FBI cyber and cryptocurrency investigator said that Twitter’s invasion shows security failing common among high-flying startups and younger tech companies. Twitter has oversight of more than 1,500 workers who worked on resetting people’s accounts. Twitter realized that hackers might somehow deceive employees to gain access to hacked accounts.

Twitter’s security operations are failing to protect user’s data from hackers, the process of solving this issue might take a long way since the former employees of Tweeter are also skilled and they have the knowledge of how to help user’s reset their accounts, they are likely to take advantage and continue playing with people’s accounts.


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