GPS navigation and wearable technology company under a ransomware attack


The navigation company, Garmin GRMN, GPS technology giant in Kansas is operating under ransomware, the attackers have demanded a ransom of $10 million to free its systems from cyberattack. Garmin began to experience some challenges on its IT section on 23 July 2020 and which led to the shutdown of the related services.

The company operates with more than 14,500 associates in 65 offices around the world, it provides GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation and fitness markets. The attack caused the company to close its production lines also in Taiwan. The Garmin Connect training app was also affected by hackers and people are no longer have access to the app. There are also noticeable challenges on Training Peaks and Strava like re-syncs.


Garmin is referring to this attack as an outage as it announced on its website for the apologies, it says that the outage affected the company’s call centres and it was unable to receive calls, emails and online chats. The company promised to return to the normal services. Some sources reported that Garmin shut down many of its operations as a result of a WastedLocker ransomware attack on its systems, which affected the I.T, perhaps Garmin has shut down all databases and employee computers to prevent further spread of the ransomware.

In December 2019, Evil Corp, the Russia-based group which is believed to be behind the hack, was hit with sanctions by the US Treasury. Meanwhile, the US persons were prohibited from transacting their payments to Evil Corp, therefore it would be illegal for Garmin to pay the ransom which led to this outage. The Garmin did not clarify the main cause of the outage, instead, they promised to normalize their systems.

The Garmin company has promised to recover the normal services in few days after the cyberattack, however, the normalization of its operations might take a long way since the company is not sure about what is causing the system damage.


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