Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook quarterly results

Mark Z

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg on 30 July 2020, sharing their community update and quarterly results, he announces how Facebook is changing people’s lives during global pandemic period thereby mentioning the following factors being improved by its services, economically, politically and socially.

The Facebook teams have been able to make a private messaging, announced Messenger Rooms in April 2020, and people around the world can now join a Room and those who do not have accounts can access it. They introduced expanded Messenger Kids this quarter to 143 new countries and territories, helping a lot of parents as they look for ways to safely preserve their children’s friendships remotely. Mark Zuckerberg said that he is proud that people are relying on their services to stay connected when they can’t always be together in person.


The CEO said that the tech industry is an American success story. The products we build have changed the world for better and improved people’s lives. Their industry is one of the ways that America shares its values with the world, and one of the greatest economic and cultural exports for the US. Facebook is part of this story. We started with an idea, giving people the power to share and connect and we’ve built services that billions of people find useful. He is proud that they have given people a platform to make their voices heard and given small businesses access to tools that only the largest players used to have.

Economically, Facebook is changing people’s lives through business engagement, it launches Facebook Shops to let businesses set up a storefront and sell across its apps, and that’s scaling quickly, keeping their businesses running online even when physical stores are closed.WhatsApp Business now has 50 million users and is growing quickly. We’ve also created grant programs to help small businesses during this period, including a $100 million program to support small businesses globally, and another $100 million programs specifically to support Black-owned businesses, in the US.

Mark Zuckerberg said that politically, COVID has added a heightened level of uncertainty to this year’s elections. Because of the virus, many people will not move to polls for voting and many people haven’t voted by mail before, so Facebook has built a Voting Information Center and its goal is to help 4 million Americans register to vote in this election. Facebook has already started attaching links to official voting information to any post from political candidates discussing voting. Their goal is to help people register to vote regardless of what these candidates or posts are saying.

In this regard, Facebook has recorded many technological improvements done during this global pandemic period and the team is continuing to improve people’s lives by bringing up more ideas which change their social, economical and political way of life. However, Facebook is still working on a plan to reduce the amount of harmful content as well as detecting hate speech.


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