TSL engaged in technology to preserve its business

  • E-commerce gives customers transparency
  • Companies will easily notify their competence
  • The immediate response between customers and producers.

TSL Limited has engaged in technological ways of doing business thereby creating social media platforms, creating a large section for e-commerce to uphold their business. They are noticing great changes in their businesses while working remotely under lockdown caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

 TSL provides agri-services through the provision of chemicals, packaging, agronomy services and a platform to sell your agricultural produce.


The TSL group CEO, Derek Odoteye said that their company decided to work from home a week before the lockdown was announced in Zimbabwe. He is also encouraging other companies to focus on technology as this will give their companies a way forward and the opportunity to test their strength as teams and to identify their competence as well as bringing solutions to deal with their challenges.

TSL CEO, Derek Odoteye

He added that the use of e-commerce, creating social media platforms will help in data gathering, promoting transparency on what is happening to the products regardless of where the customers are. Working remotely is more efficient as the company will easily notify their competence and have easy access to customers experiences by immediate response through social media platforms hence the company will find the ways to solve the encountered problems.

TSL is investing more in digital platforms. They changed their structure from working together physically as a team into e-commerce thereby giving full accountability of how customers are using their products. The CEO said that under the lockdown they noticed how to strength their coworkers are and he believed that after this pandemic their working system is not going to be too different.

Most of the companies have adopted the digital way of doing businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic being the cause of the business to move forward with technology. However, it might take a long period for some companies to work physically together after this pandemic.


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