What Zimbabweans want from companies when it comes to customer service

  • Fast response times.
  • Ability to speak to a human.
  • Average Benchmark For First Response Time

Nowadays, customers are used to superior customer service that they can detect a great business by. However, it is not always easy to understand what that level of service should be. Two of the most important factors for any current and potential customers when they deal with a company are; Fast response times and being able to speak to a “human”.

This is according to the online survey Eyetro Digital team conducted. The team randomly selected local companies online and making calls. When asked in which areas most Zimbabwean businesses need to improve their customer experience, more 80% of respondents stated that companies must respond faster to their customer service queries.


69% of respondents also stated that companies need to make it easier for them to find information on their website, while 28% of respondents said companies must offer more channels for them to contact a customer service agent.

While chat-bots and online automated responses have been taken up by many companies in recently in Zimbabwe with most Banks adopting the new technology, consumers still value speaking to a human when contacting a company.

When asked “How important is it to you to connect with a human when communicating with a business?”, 48% of respondents said it was “really important” to them while 28% said it was “important”.

Only 16% of respondents said it was “kind of important, while 5% said it was “not important at all” that they speak to a human when contacting a company.

Support ChannelAverage Benchmark For First Response Time
Email24 hours or less
Facebook6 hours or less
Twitter1 hour or less
Live Chat2 minutes or less
Phone3 minutes or less

It is very important to take into account what your audience’s preferred channel is and then determine the perfect response time taking into account various factors.

According to the Global Customer Service Report, more than half of the surveyed customers think that companies don’t actually act on the feedback they receive. This is an alarming tendency that probably has a no less important cause.

To change this kind of view of your business, make sure that you act on customer feedback. Let your customers know when you change something in the way your business functions after they complained about it or suggested a new feature.

Create a transparent feedback system, and promote these changes everywhere you can such as your website, social media profiles, emails, and so on.


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