Tips to secure and protect a TikTok account

  • When signing – in, it’s wiser to use phone number or email address for code verification,
  • Using the ‘Security’ option for alerts,
  • Make use of ‘Manage My Account’ settings to control TikTok account.

TikTok is one of the social media platforms with more than 150 countries and with hundreds of million users, creating, sharing and watching videos on a daily bases with friends (followers). People should know how to improve their security and privacy on TikTok to enjoy a social life without any hindrance.

When people signing in to TikTok, they should use their phone number or email address for code verification, this will help them keeping their accounts safe for the near future as they will be notified whenever someone has been trying to sign in to their accounts. The verification code needed by one to activate a TikTok account will be sent by the TikTok team via the email or phone through the SMS, so it’s very wise for one not to ignore the steps needed for the account set up.


TikTok users should also take note of the ‘Manage my Account’ option to control their account. They are given options to add email addresses as well as a phone number which could be used by TikTok to send notifications. They should set or to change passwords.TikTok users can also switch their accounts to personal or business accounts but this will offer limited access to the social activities posted on the app. There is a ‘ delete account’ option which allows users to permanently delete their account on TikTok.

There is a ‘Security’ option which is very useful for the TikTok users, it allows the users to set the security alert, the TikTok team will send the alert via email whenever there is a login to the user’s account. The users can add the devices on which he/she uses to login to TikTok so that the users will be notified whenever there is a different device logged in to that account. On security option, there is Two-step verification which should be turned on for one to set a password which will be asked periodically to protect the account.

Social media platforms are the best apps for the people to be entertained, informed and educated, however one should be very careful on how to protect their social lives as well as avoiding scammers and spammers which are abusing the use of social media platforms.


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