Updated GBWhatsapp V12.03 APK Download with Anti-Ban


Why Should You Prefer GB Whatsapp?

Several legit reasons make this app worthy of your use. In this article I will be briefly describing all the aptitudes of this app. Especially if you are looking forward to using dual Whatsapp accounts then this is your go-to app. Along with this amazing feature, you also get to experience many more options and features on GB Whatsapp.

Most of the basic features of Whatsapp can be customized by using this app. You can transform your Whatsapp according to your aesthetics. All these features and so much more that we will discover now, are what makes this app special.


Now let’s take a look at all the features that this app offers. I will be talking here about the most prominent features of GB Whatsapp APK.

Exclusive Features of GB Whatsapp

  1. Dual Whatsapp Accounts
dual account

Many of us have multiple numbers of sims that are connected to either our workplace or friends. Unfortunately, while using Whatsapp you have to sacrifice having an account on one of those numbers.

GB Whatsapp solves this issue quite conveniently. This app is compatible with the original version. Hence, you can use both sides of the app by side without any issue. My recommendation would be using your much temporary number on the MOD app. This might save you from any risk that you can face. So, try a temporary number in this scenario.

  1. Free Themes
themes and stickers

Another amazing feature that Whatsapp keeps its consumers deprived of is the variety of themes. There is just one basic display that you can use irrespective of your moods or aesthetics.

While using GB Whatsapp this is not a problem for you. There are many themes available to you. Furthermore, the themes keep getting updated so you will never get bored. The people who get bored with the Light Mode and want to be a little creative with their apps must try this app. Download new themes from the official website and enjoy using GB Whatsapp.

  1. Message Scheduler
user experience

The best-selling feature for you if you are a social person. This feature works for the people who have to send reminders, notifications and important messages to their colleagues. Not only for the work-o-holics but also for the people who need to serve the tea to their friends.

Now let us talk about the different aspects of this feature!

  1. You can auto-reply messages.
  2. You can set time (schedule) the messages you want to send.

This takes a huge load off the people who are stuck in multitasks but need to fulfil their duty on time.

You can type whatever message you want to send to people in the edit box you will find in the settings of the app. Set the time whenever you want the message to be sent and after the time limit ends, your message will be sent to as many people as you selected simultaneously. That is why this is the best solution for people with such a workload.

Whatsapp has set a limit to forward the messages which makes it a tiresome process to forward or send messages to many people. With this app, you have a better solution in your hands.

  1. Video Player
video player

While using Whatsapp, you all must have seen that the original app has its own very basic media player. The video player that Whatsapp provides lack of several options. It makes the video quite dull too. While using GB Whatsapp you can use a third-party developed video player. This will provide you a number of options that your respective video player has. With this feature, you can have a better experience while using Whatsapp.

  1. Enable Password

Unlike apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, Whatsapp does not give the option to log out of the app. This might make some people insecure. You cannot hide your mobile all the time and chats always have personal information in it. The whole all-time logged-in status of Whatsapp can be threatening to anyone’s personal life.

Many users have to download another app to ensure that they can lock their apps. This process takes so much time as well as space. The easiest solution to this issue is downloading GBWhatsapp since this app has a built-in feature of Password.

You can easily put a password on your Whatsapp. You will merely have to type it whenever you use GBWhatsapp. This ensures the safety of your chats. You can give your phone to whoever you want to after this app.

  1. Hide Initial Status

We all go through the daily struggle of giving explanations to our closed ones for late replies despite being online. Sometimes while sending a risky text to your crush, the one-hour long ‘typing a message’ status can be a bummer. So, here is the solution to all such issues.

Typing/Recording Status:

While using Whatsapp you can see when someone is typing a message or recording a voice note. If you don’t feel comfortable about others seeing such initial statuses then GBWhatsapp is yet again your savior.

‘Online’ Status:

Another important feature that it offers is that you can hide your ‘online’ status. This status is rather very public since anyone who has your contact number can see when you are online. In some cases, it can even lead to quarrels and fights. Better stay away from it and hide your status from everyone. This will let you use GBWhatsapp in peace.

  1. Media Related Features

The media-related features are quite basic on Whatsapp too. There are so many limits that the users have to live by. You cannot send more than 30 photos; your status has to be in a certain limit and so much more. This all makes Whatsapp very annoying. For anyone who is looking for a solution, GBWhatsapp is here to rescue you from all these limits.

Video Status Limit:

The general video status limit is only 30 seconds. You always have to divide your video into several parts to upload it. This becomes annoying to the uploader as well as for the viewers since every part needs to get buffered.

On GBWhatsapp you can upload a 7 minutes long video on your status. This can honestly change your Whatsapp game. Making it much easier to upload video statuses.

Whatsapp Status Character Limit:

The character limit for statuses is only 700 on original Whatsapp. Honestly, if you are making a point or justifying something to the contacts then this is such a scarce amount of characters. Because of this people have to upload multiple statuses. This too creates such a fuss and a mess for everyone. To avoid it, you must use GB Whatsapp since it has a way wider character limit for you.

Media Sharing:

You can share photos and videos of larger size on this app. Whatsapp has a limited amount of size available for audio and video files but while using GBWhatsapp there is no such issue.

Copy Statuses:

This is a unique feature that this app provides. If you like someone’s status on Whatsapp irrespective of its type, you can copy it. From quotes to videos, you can share it as your own story. Hence, no more peeping into chats for asking them to forward it to you. Surely worth it!

  1. Hide Blue Ticks
hide blue ticks

Another amazing feature that saves you from a lot of unnecessary interaction and trouble. Blue ticks have always been causing trouble in one person’s life or another one’s. through GBWhatsapp, you can hide these notorious little monsters and save yourself.

These were some of the most basic features of GBWhatsapp APK. You can see how most of them are based on either securing your privacy or customizing the app. Both of these aspects make Whatsapp a better social site to use.

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